Recursively Cautious Congestion Control

This project is maintained by NetSys

Reproducing RC3 Baseline Results

Here are the instructions for reproducing the baseline RC3 result (on simplified Internet-2 topology, with bottleneck bandwidth of 1Gbps, average RTT of 40ms at 30% average link utilization)

  1. Clone the RC3 repository
  2. cd ns-3.16
  3. ./waf configure -d release
  4. ./waf
  5. ./run-baseline #runs the simulation with regular TCP, followed by RC3. It takes around 2 hours for each simulation to complete
  6. cd baseline-result
  7. ./getres-fair #computes the average FCTs and stores them in improvements/
  8. cd improvements
  9. ./getimp #computes the % reduction and prints the results
  10. ./getplot-report #plots the baseline graph

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